We master complex requirements in filling station construction

We are your partner from initial planning all the way to documentation

In the filling station construction industry, we rank among the top ten. Several large mineral oil companies regularly use our services. Transport companies, airport operators and energy companies are also among our clients in this segment.
They commission us to newly construct or expand:

  • Filling stations
  • Rest stops
  • Tank farms
  • Rail filling systems
  • Car washes and car wash parks
  • Gantry car washes
  • AdBlue systems
  • Gas filling stations (LPG & CNG filling stations)
  • Liquefied natural gas (LNG) filling stations
  • H2 filling stations (hydrogen filling stations)


Filling station construction: faster realisation with expertise

The requirements currently placed on us and our clients by legislators in this area are individual and varied. Among them are, for example, laws, specifications, regulations and formalities in the areas of explosion protection, handling of hazardous goods, waste water disposal, water and environmental protection. Thanks to our know-how and our comprehensive expertise in these areas, we meet high demands that far surpass regular standards applied to construction planning and architectural services. We are highly skilled in these areas and are therefore able to offer our clients highly specialised supplementary services, e.g. explosion protection documents, fire and noise protection concepts, to reduce the required contact points and to render planning and construction economical. Partnering with us saves time and costs.

Filling station construction: support along the entire project

When it comes to constructing and planning filling stations, rest stops, car washes and other transport properties, we are available to clients in all nine phases of the German remuneration system for architects and engineers (HOAI). As part of the basic evaluation, we provide advice on overall performance requirements and prepare a site analysis as well as operational planning. After that, we carry out preliminary planning for the construction of the filling station, developing a planning concept and an initial cost estimate. Finally, we take care of design planning, develop an initial solution drawing and carry out a profitability calculation. The subsequent filling station construction phases entail approval planning including an application to the authorities, followed by implementation planning with a detailed drawing, leading to a solution ready for implementation. Subsequently, our civil engineers and architects take care of the awarding of contracts for all service areas and object supervision during the construction of the filling station until completion. The services of our engineering and planning office in filling station construction are completed by conclusive support and documentation for the construction project.