Electromobility is an essential part of a sustainable future and an alternative to fossil fuels in the automotive sector. Effective planning is therefore required to reap the full benefits of electromobility.

A plan for electromobility includes developing charging infrastructure, promoting the use of electric vehicles, improving battery technologies, and building a market for electromobility.

An important factor for electric mobility planning is the early application to the grid operator, the absence of explosive ordnance, and the cooperation with the transformer manufacturer and the power supplier. The cooperation between civil engineering and electrical planning is indispensable. We offer the overall planning of all trades including permits, acceptances as well as a nationwide construction management for this.

A general plan taking everything into account right from the start can improve understanding of electromobility and prove its effectiveness in projects.

Planning for electromobility is an important step towards a cleaner future and more sustainable mobility.

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