In future, hydrogen will be an important energy carrier. It is clean, available in unlimited quantities and widely applicable. Therefore, effective hydrogen planning is essential to utilise the source’s full potential and to ensure a sustainable energy supply.

Hydrogen planning includes the development of hydrogen infrastructures, the promotion of hydrogen production from renewable energies, the development of hydrogen applications and the establishment of a hydrogen market.

An important factor for hydrogen planning is progress in the areas of hydrogen production, storage and use. The promotion of pilot projects and demonstration plants also contributes to the increasing development of the hydrogen sector.

Close cooperation between industry, science and politics is essential for successful hydrogen planning. Sharing experiences and forming partnerships can speed up the implementation process for the hydrogen strategy and make it more effective.

In addition to the feasibility study, design and tendering of the plant, we offer assistance in applying for subsidies via a general planning service including all specialist planners, construction planning services of service phases 1–9 including nationwide construction management up to project management with special attention to quality, costs and times.

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