Project control: We’re always in control

We help you achieve your project goals

We are at the service of our clients when it comes to project control in realising construction projects – be it filling stations, commercial and industrial construction, transport infrastructure or civil engineering projects. As such, we act as architect engineer. We are always in control – after all, project control is at the core of professional construction management. As project managers, we help you achieve your project goals!

We have your construction project under control

The term project control originates from the German remuneration system for architects and engineers (HOAI) and clearly distinguishes the services in this area from other project management services in terms of concept and content. The service profile of project control was initially defined in para. 31 of the HOAI, but was no longer included after an amendment to the remuneration system in 2009.

Project control according to the HOAI referenced taking charge of delegable client functions, such as:

  • Creating and coordinating the schedule for the overall project
  • Establishing and monitoring organisational, scheduling and payment plans related to a specific project and project parties
  • Keeping the client informed of project progress and bringing about timely decisions by the client

Project control based on clear performance specifications

The German Association of Project Managers in the Construction and Real Estate Industry (DVP) and the Committee of Associations and Chambers of Engineers and Architects for the Remuneration System (AHO) further developed the service profile of project control to create a more clearly defined service profile for services that fall within the scope of project control.

Accordingly, the scope of services of project control comprises the services of contractors who take charge of client functions in controlling projects concerning several specialist areas in a staff function.

Project control services are structured into areas of activity and project stages:

The areas of activity include the following topics:

  • Organisation, information, coordination and documentation
  • Qualities and quantities
  • Costs and financing
  • Deadlines, capacities and logistics
  • Contracts and insurance

The project stages are project preparation, planning, preparation for implementation, implementation and project completion.
This is the basis of our understanding at Ingenieurbüro Aengenheyster when it comes to providing services within the scope of project control for your construction project.