We also take care of transport connections and civil engineering

Convenient solutions for transport infrastructure

In any commercial construction project we plan and project – including filling stations, car washes, rest stops or industrial halls – we also take care of planning the transport connection as well as necessary civil engineering work for supply and disposal for the building or building complex in addition to planning and construction of the actual object. In a world where mobility plays an increasingly important role, we offer state-of-the-art solutions for transport infrastructure and convenient connections for our transport and commercial properties. Within the scope of transport construction and civil engineering, we plan and project the following subsections:

  • Swale drainage, rainwater seepage
  • Swale/trench system for seepage
  • Development planning including supply and disposal planning
  • Road construction planning including detailed planning for superstructures
  • Road and path construction
  • Canal construction
  • Roundabout planning
  • Left-turn planning

Construction of transport infrastructure and civil engineering to complete construction projects

Our range of services for investors is completed by planning and projecting transport connections for our construction projects as well as associated civil engineering works such as road construction, earthwork, and planning and construction of supply and disposal networks. Our engineering office provides extensive experience in transport infrastructure and civil engineering objects. This extensive expertise enables us to provide our clients with numerous services.

Transport infrastructure construction and civil engineering: Your partner from the start

When it comes to constructing transport infrastructure and civil engineering, we are available to our clients as expert partners in all phases of the German remuneration system for architects and engineers (HOAI). Starting at basic evaluation (phase 1), we provide advice regarding overall service requirements, prepare a site analysis and take care of operational planning for the civil engineering or transport infrastructure object. In phase 2, we carry out preliminary planning, developing a planning concept and an initial cost estimate. Next, we take care of design planning (phase 3) and carry out a profitability calculation. In the subsequent phases of the road or civil engineering project, we support our clients with approval planning (phase 4) including applications to authorities and we take care of implementation planning (phase 5) until the solution is ready for execution. After that, our construction planners will assist you in preparing to award contracts as well as the actual awarding (phases 6 and 7). The services of our engineering and planning office in transport infrastructure or civil engineering construction projects also extend to object supervision during the execution of the work (phase 8) and end with conclusive object support and documentation (phase 9).